Beehive Neem Honey 500g


  • 100 % Pure and Natural.
  • Neem Honey: The goodness of Neem, the highly valued traditional herbal remedy, embedded in every drop, Beehive Raw Neem Honey is a pure, monofloral raw honey gathered from Neem Blossoms. This raw honey is a treasury of immune-boosting, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial powers and an ideal daily tonic for preserving good health and protecting the body from diseases.
  • Crystallization : Crystallization is proof of purity and raw nature of honey which mainly depends on the natural sugar content of raw organic honey, since our Honey is straight from beehives it contains pollen and wax due to which it has tendency to crystallize.
  • Packed in Glass Bottles so that Neem Honey Unprocessed retains all its medicinal and ayurvedic benefits and you receive in the purest form. Neem honey can also help you in weight loss.
  • BENEFITS: Neem Raw Honey is rich in ANTIOXIDANTS, MINERALS, CARBOHYDRATES, AMINO ACIDS, ENZYMES, FLAVONOIDS, PROBIOTICS, VITAMINS AND MINERALS. It is helps in stabilising blood sugar and blood pressure. The presence of phytonutrients makes this honey an excellent reservoir of ANTI-BACTERIAL and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties.
  • EXTRACTION PROCESS – THIS PROVING YOU CRUELTY FREE HONEY. The Neem raw honey is strained through a sieve to separate debris. We DO NOT treat honey post extraction. This keeping it UNPASTURIZED AND UNPROCESSED.

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