Multifarious benefit of Honey:
Honey is natural gift to mankind and its daily consumption will fulfill complete essential nutrition to our body and also increases resistance power, along with it, honey has following benefits.
1. It helps in digesting system and cures intestine related disease like ulcer, gastric along with diarrhea and also protect from cold.
2. Improve eye vision and control sore throat, tonsil etc. disease.
3. Energize feeble and old aged people and also reserve energy in their bodies.
4. It is good for relief from dry cough and cold, bile (acidity), coughing, asthma, hiccup, dysentery, hearth attack, blood pressure and etc disease.
5. Prevent from teeth, gum, nerves and blood related diseases.
6. Control abdomen pain during the menstruation period of women.
7. Increase Sperm, sexual vitality and also increase memory power.
8. Help to make the skeleton strong, stout and attractive of children and aged people.
9. Daily twice a day (morning and evening) washing face with honey will remove impurities, moisturize soft skin, and develop healthy glow and attractiveness.
10. Regular honey consumption along with regular bath with a spoon of honey will grow long, shining and silky hair.
11. Sportsmen consume honey for instant vitality and for good energy reserve.
12. Honey can be consumed daily in any season whose age is above one.