Beekeeping is the practice of managing honeybee colonies to attain some desired objectives. The most common primary objectives for managing colonies are basically to ensure large, healthy adult honeybee populations to coincide with major nectar flows and to use these strong honeybee colonies to best execute the beekeeping management plan. This further helps to maximize the collection of nectar or we can say to maximize honey production. Production of other honey products also depends on this.

The basic requirement for productive colony management in beekeeping is large food reserves of pollen and honey at all times and ample room for these food reserves, brood rearing, and the storage of surplus honey. Young productive queens from good stock are essential. The queen should be supported by a large population favorable to the time of the year.

Successful bee management entails the skillful application of knowledge and practices that will fully utilize the productive capacity of the honey-bee colony, with productivity favorably balanced against capital, operational, and labor costs.

In order to attain the desired results, we have employed skilled beekeepers and they follow specific plans to achieve the objectives successfully. They have a very vast knowledge of local nectar flows and honeybee biology. They are very well trained with all the beekeeping techniques which help them to manipulate the colonies and then the best usage of the colonies to help them achieve the objectives.

With our constant efforts we are able to meet the requirement of the purchaser. Our farm has kept a large number of beehives. We are getting good result through our seasonal migration. All this is under the direct control of management. Our farms yield pure and high quality honey almost round the year. We use the latest technical and scientific techniques for good production as well as good quality equipments are used to provide the customers with the best products.